2016-01-21Engineering Department, CambridgeGenerative RNNs for sequence modelingSlides
2015-12-12NIPS 2015 MLCB workshop, MontrealMulti-task Deep Neural Network to predict methylation profilesSlides
2015-05-21Engineering Department, CambridgeConvolutional Neural NetworksSlides
2014-11-13Engineering Department, CambridgeAutomatic Differentiation with TheanoSlides
Python intro
2013-07-21Helmholtz Centre, MunichMachine learning for predicting type 1 diabetes from high-throughput dataSlides
2012-12-20Gene Center, MunichContext-specific mutation probabilities for sequence searchingSlides
2012-11-14LMU, MunichSentiment Knowledge Discovery in Twitter Streaming DataSlides
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PhD Bioinformatics