Welcome to GSoC2015!

gsoc2015I am very proud to announce that my Google Summer of Code (GSoC) proposal ‘Theano: Interactive visualization of Computational Graphs’ was successful, which gives me the chance to enhance Theano’s visualization features this summer!

Theano is a popular library for defining and automatically differentiating mathematical expression. It is widely used to implement complex machine learning models such as deep neural networks, which are compiled into a graph structure with interconnected nodes. Currently, Theano only supports static text and image output, which makes it hard to debug and analyze complex models such as a deep neural network with many layers. During Google Summer of Code, I will extend Theano by a module to interactively visualize and analyze complex computation graphs. The module will be based on the d3.j3 javascript library and allow to generate HTMLs documents, which can be opened in any web browser. It will allow to dynamically a) arrange, collapse and expand, as well to edit nodes, b) panning and zooming to different regions, and c) highlighting additional information via mouseover events. An additional goal is implementing an IPython %magic to directly visualize graphs in an IPython notebook!

GSoC2015 will take place between 25 May and 31 August, and will contain a mid-term and end-term evaluation. I will be mentored by Frédéric Bastien, and regularly post about my progress.

Looking forward to a great Summer!